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Destination & Destiny

By Rev. Dr. J. Patrick Bowman Are we as Christians sometimes confused about the difference between our destination and our destiny? Can we end up at one without realizing the other? To answer these questions, let’s first define what both destination and destiny are and then look at the Scriptures for further clarification. Destination isContinue reading “Destination & Destiny”

Serious Symptoms

By Rev. Dr. J. Patrick Bowman When I go to the doctor with an ailment, she will always ask first about my symptoms because it is from these symptoms and the subsequent examination that a diagnosis will come. She asks about my symptoms, sympathizes with my symptoms, and may even offer remedies for my symptoms,Continue reading “Serious Symptoms”

Like a Tree- Lesson 5: Pruning

By Rev. Dr. J. Patrick Bowman There are reasons why pruning is very beneficial to a tree’s health, fruitfulness, andlongevity. These reasons all have spiritual meaning for us as well. Let’s go through these considerations and make an application in our own lives. But before we look at trees, let’s look at what Jesus saysContinue reading “Like a Tree- Lesson 5: Pruning”

Like a Tree- Lesson 4: The Root System

By Rev. J. Patrick Bowman Most of us don’t consciously consider that when we look at a tree, we only see that which is visible above the ground. We are impressed with the great height of the tree. We are impressed with the mighty canopy that spreads out before us. We are impressed with theContinue reading “Like a Tree- Lesson 4: The Root System”

Like a Tree- Lesson 3: Soil

By Rev. Dr. J. Patrick Bowman Along with light and water, healthy trees need good soil. Soil contains micronutrientsvital to tree health and helps to retain moisture so the roots can utilize it. A good tree planted in poor soil will struggle. In nature, the soil is called a planting medium. Soil, in our spiritualContinue reading “Like a Tree- Lesson 3: Soil”

Like a Tree- Lesson 2: Water

By Rev. Dr. J. Patrick Bowman Light is only one component of the photosynthesis process used by trees to produce food. The other piece is water. Water is essential in transporting nutrients from the soil through the roots, by the tree’s capillary system, to the leaves. Without water, the tree’s tissues become dehydrated, and theContinue reading “Like a Tree- Lesson 2: Water”

Like a Tree- Lesson 1: Light

By Rev. Dr. J. Patrick Bowman In horticulture, trees are classified as to the amount of light they need to grow properly. If you go to your local nursery you will see trees designated as needing full sun, partial sun, or shade. In nature, certain trees need shade to flourish. Some trees grow in allContinue reading “Like a Tree- Lesson 1: Light”

The Greater Part of Responsibility

By Rev. Dr. J. Patrick Bowman According to the dictionary, responsibility is “the state or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable for something within one’s power, control, or management.” That definition immediately brings two questions to my mind. The first is, “What exactly is being responsible, answerable, and accountable?” and the second is, “WhatContinue reading “The Greater Part of Responsibility”

Sitting on Papa’s Lap

In our home, we have a Yorkie-poo named Princess. She rules the roost. I affectionately call her “Princess, the Wesleyan-Holiness Dog.” I call her that because with her grayish-white hair and piercing eyes, she looks somewhat like John Wesley. If you know anything about Yorkie-poos, you know they are very good apartment dogs, need onlyContinue reading “Sitting on Papa’s Lap”

The Cutting of the Word

I have been reading, “On Preachers,” by John Wesley. It is a treatise written to all preachers but in particular his own Methodist preachers. In speaking expressly of hindrances to the pastoral ministry, Wesley made one statement that caught my attention: “Should not compassion, should not tenderness, hinder us from giving pain? Yes, from givingContinue reading “The Cutting of the Word”