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Personal Gifts are the Best Because Life is Messy

My greatest gifts this year were personal gifts. They were seeing my aquaintences, friends, and family come through some hellish events and circumstances with a smile on their faces.

I watched as many fought illnesses of one kind or another. They are still with us, finding reasons to smile in the everyday workd of pain management and medication changes, and home nursing care. A few lost the fight but even they had a smile because they knew where they were headed.

I talked to some that were contemplating suicide. They are still here, ready to give life another chance.

Others lost loved ones; parents, siblings, children. They are still here, too, trying to put the pieces back together through grief unimaginable.

I talked to a lady at a Christmas party and we shared how hard a year 2019 had been for us both. But we are still here, looking forward to how God is going to bless us in 2020.

These were all presents to me because we are made to relate. We are made to cherish old friendships and cultivate new ones. You are the personal gifts that make me happy to pray for you, send a word of encouragement, or just whisper I love you when nothing else can be said.

Many blessings to you in 2020 and beyond.



Published by doctorpaddy

An ordained minister, Christian communicator, and educator.

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